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Choices include Mango & Onion.



Choices include Cucumber & Onion.



Choices include Chilli & Lime.

Yoghurt Mint Sauce


Amon Sauce


Our very own house sauce.

Gluten Free Chef Recommended Starters

Mixed Tikka


Mixed Kebab


Royal Mixed Kebab


Gluten Free Starters

Chicken Tandoori


The marinade is prepared overnight, the yoghurt is drenched all...



Choices include Chicken & Lamb.

Lamb Chops (3) On The Bone


Kebabs (2)


Choices include Shami, Shish & Reshme.

Gluten Free Extra Sauces

Extra Sauce


Choices include Balti, Masalla, Roshan, Madras, Rogan Josh, Korma, Bhuna...

Gluten Free English Dishes

Omelettes (Various)


Roast Spring Chicken


Gluten Free Kobedas

Stir Fry Kobeda


Juicy chicken, small cutlets of lamb that never dry out...

Amon Chicken Kobeda (Boned)


Grilled Boned Chicken Kebabs are full of flavour but just...

Amon Lamb Kobeda (Boned)


Grilled Boned Lamb Kebabs are full of flavour but just...

Amon Chicken Kobeda (Boneless)


Grilled Boneless Chicken Kebabs are full of flavour but just...

Gluten Free Shashlick

Royal Mix Sizzler Grill (Gluten Free)


Can't decide what you want for dinner? How about a...



Choices include Plain Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Mix Tikka,...



Amonbagh Chicken Tikka Shashlik has a really healthy traditional cooking...

Vegetable Thali Set C (To Serve 1-2 People)


Papadoms, Onion, Mango & Chutney, Onion Bhaji, Vegetable Bhaji Mogul,...

Gluten Free Rice



Boiled Rice


Chilli Rice


Fried Rice


Choices include Special Egg Fried & Fiazi Fried.

Pilau Rice (Basmati)


Choices include Keema, Mushroom and Vegetable.

Gluten Free Side Dishes

Tarka Dhall


Breathtaking Tarka Dhall is cooked with black Thai TQ chilli,...



Choices include Saag Aloo, Aloo Methi & Bombay Aloo.



Choices include Matter & Saag.



Choices include Spinach, Vegetable, Cauliflower, Bindi, Mushroom & Chana.

Gluten Free Biryani



Choices include Vegetable, Chicken, Lamb, Prawn, Mix Meat, King Prawn,...

Gluten Free Gourmet House Specialities

Razella (Medium/Hot)


Spice up the night with your loved ones with this...

King Prawn Mahoroshan (Hot)


A must try for King Prawn or spice lovers. Intense...

Paneer Massala (Mild/Medium)


I’m pretty sure most of you have tried either Paneer...

Lal Jal


Cooked with a greater use of garlic, giving a traditional...

Special Jalfry (Medium/Hot)


A chef’s favourite, cooked with unique Amonbagh spices.

King Prawn Special Fry (Medium/Hot)


Cooked with beans, garlic, coriander, onions and Amonbagh spices.

Handi (Medium/Hot)


Cooked with Amonbagh special massala sauce, onions and peppers.

South Indian Murghi (Slightly Hot)


Minced Meat and strips of chicken tikka, cooked with homemade...

Bangla Special (Medium/Hot)


Highly Popular dish, marinated strips of green and red peppers...

Garam Roshan (Spicy/Hot)


Special garlic dish, full-bodied, cooked twice for an intense flavour...

Garlic Massala (Mild/Medium)


Substitute for those who like Massala’s.

Gluten Free Balti

Balti Nagga (Very Hot)


Cooked with Bengali hot chillies.

Balti Massala (Medium)


Cooked with massala sauce. Very strong flavour.

Balti Saag (Medium)


When juicy tender marinated chicken and spinach are cooked together...

Balti Roshan (Spicy Hot)


Cooked with greater use of garlic giving a traditional flavour...

Balti Josh (Medium/Hot)


Authentic taste with spicy onions, tomatoes and peppers. Very tasty.

Balti Dhall (Hot)


Cooked with lentils.

Balti Shahee (Medium)


Specially prepared and cooked with lamb mincemeat in a spicy...

Balti Kabuli (Medium)


Cooked with chick peas.

Balti Tarkari (Medium)


Cooked with green pepper's this gluten-free non-greasy dish is a...

Balti Fiazzi (Medium)


A good curry is all about the right balance and...

Gluten Free Chef Homemade Gourmet

Jal Massala (Hot)


Fiery hot and full of garlic flavour, The Amonbagh Jal-Massala...

Dhanyamirchi (Hot)


Cooked with grinded chilli and coriander, very spicy and hot.

Roshan (South Indian Hot)


Cooked with extra garlic and fresh green chillies.

Korai (Medium/Hot)


A slightly hot dish cooked with diced onions, peppers and...

Jalfrezi (Hot)


Delightful for those who love spicy food. This dish has...

Bangla Garlic (Medium/Hot)


Exquisite flavour, cooked in Bengal style, dry and strong taste,...

Gluten Free Popular Gourmet

Dupiaza (Medium)


This Chicken Dupiaza consists of an alluring aroma. Mildly sweet...

Kashmir (Medium & Fruity)


This lamb curry has a fruity twist! Whilst adding banana...