Bangla Special (Medium/Hot)


Highly Popular dish, marinated strips of green and red peppers and onions, for those who enjoy a sweet garlic taste.

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Total: 9.95


Highly Popular dish, marinated strips of green and red peppers and onions, for those who enjoy a sweet garlic taste.With our 2 new chef’s onboard from Nepal and a women chef from the Philippines, One of the popular and most viral dishes we serve in our establishment only just gets better. The Amonbagh Bangla Special. Delicious curry packed full of flavour. The perfect evening meal which will be loved by the whole family. Pickled, spicy, garlicky, sweet, marinated succulent red peppers, green peppers and onions.

This colourful medley of marinated peppers tastes fantastic. They are marinated in a mixture of garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and herbs. When the mix colour pepper’s and onions are dripping in the tandoori oven at a low burner, it is quickly pulled out so as not to lose to much juice. Dripping with natural juice the peppers become so tender.

Little chunks of skinless chicken breast. Chicken cutlets simmered in luscious sweet garlic sauce. Creating a dish similar to what the Chinese call sweet chilli chicken. The final process of the marinated juicy pepper’s and onions are thrown in creating an unbelievable dish. Super tasty and the juicy onion’s and pepper just give it a magic combination.

If you enjoy dishes like sweet and sour chicken, tender beef or medium-hot spice, then you will probably enjoy this dish as well. It uses the Chinese cooking technique of deep-frying and tossing it in a thick sauce to coat it. The only difference is we marinate the veggies in the clay oven so as not to lose the juice in the oil when frying. It’s fantastically delicious, and it’s two regions of the world working together by combining their techniques and flavours to produce a cherished dish.

For the wild chilli-heads, If you are a spicy food lover and like them hot then you need to give your taste buds a treat and ask us to make it madras hot and throw some chillies in. It has everything a fiery food lover could want – Flavour, Heat, Spiciness, Pure Satisfaction.