Garam Roshan (Spicy/Hot)


Special garlic dish, full-bodied, cooked twice for an intense flavour ideal for hot spicy lovers.

Main Ingredient

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Spice Level
Total: 9.95


The Amonbagh Garam Roshan has burst of flavours and tastes delicious. Like most dishes in the Indian culinary repertoire, every cook has their way of making a hot spicy dish.

The delicate tender cooked marinated boneless cubes of chicken tikka, are fully covered in a juicy hot garlic sauce. Yes, this dish will give you the ultimate zing once the first spoon fully enters. So mild and medium lover’s with the timidest palate’s you must keep away.

Yet another Amonbagh intense spice inflamed and ignited, the diced onions and pepper’s perfectly causing a hot spicy juicy mouth-watering sauce.

Once cooked this full-bodied dish is then put on hold for a short moment. Awaiting its trial and formal examination by another chef it re-enters a separate pan which is re-ignited with a spoon full of fresh garlic, natural fresh chillies, coriander and fenugreek leaves. Once the garlic is golden brown and the divine smell comes out with the mixture of natural herb’s, the re-enter process begins and you can almost hear the zap when it’s re-cooked.

The key to this dish is the blistering of the onion and peppers at the start of the cook. The deep charring is what gives an authentic hot spicy dish and ideal for those who enjoy eating the Jalfrezi or the madras. Oh and before I forget, its also ideal for those who like using the phrase, ” Make it Desi Style”.