Amonbagh Munch Box


Chicken kebab, shish kebab, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, variety samosa, variety spring rolls, nuggets, chips, peppers, onions, onion bhaji, roasted aubergine and mushroom, chicken pakora, popadoms and chutney, garlic naan. £25.85. With keema naan (£1 extra).


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Total: 25.85


Juicy tender strips of marinated grilled chicken tikka, lamb tikka, chicken kebab, lamb shish kebab, colour peppers and onions all stir-fried in a big wok cooking pot. Crest with light spice and then just teased in rich Spanish avocado olive oil. Like extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed avocado oil is unrefined, so retains the flavour and colour characteristics of the stir-fry.

But unlike Chinese stir-fries, which rely on flash cooking and added sauces and thickeners, Indian stir-fry employs more natural spices, aromatics and a slower cooking method to develop deep flavour and tender texture. Why not accompany it with some hot dhall sauce(lentil) or just a simple spicy plain curry sauce to dip the various meat. This mixed starter palette munch box may just go down well amongst the healthy dinners.

Have we truly decided which part of the box you aim for? Chicken kebab, shish kebab, lamb tikka, chicken tikka, lamb/veg/chicken samosas, onion badji’s, chicken pakora, crispy chicken nuggets?.. or maybe veg spring roll, meat spring rolls, chips, roasted mushrooms, aubergine, peppers, and fried onions all sat on light spiced Indian stir fry. Tea time mania that will probably take you past a good part of tomorrow without eating food.

It’s packed and you can almost see the pallet fall apart when you open the box. As for the garlic nan, we decided to leave it at the bottom, so by the time you munched into it, the spices that decided to slowly fall from grace doesn’t really go anywhere, quality and quantity. With our heated bags in place, Dare I say any more.

I mean you can have a huge keema naan instead for an extra £1 and let’s just call it a meat fusion feast. Or why not let us throw in some crushed chillies.